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An efficient barrier

Particularly helpful in the PACA region and used for an increasing time period over the year, the mosquito nets are a very effective barrier against insects and dirt. The Mosquito nets selected by Rafflin Alu & PVC are tailor- made and offer a very high resistance to wind, weather and heat that characterize the seasons of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.
To deal with different homes and adapt to the variety of windows and closing parts systems, we offer a wide selection of products that fit elegantly into the surrounding environment, giving it an exotic touch that will harmonize with the existing spaces in sobriety.


Aluminium swinging shutters : Unalterable and resistant to corrosion and UV. Stable over the years, the safest and most insulating.

PVC swinging shutters : Cheap and very good insulator. Disadvantage of fragility.

Wooden swinging shutters : Traditional material par excellence. All components are treated as Class 3A (rot proof, fungicide, insecticide treatment) and water-repellent. Large choice of patterns and finishes.

Fixed solution

Fixed solution is adaptable to all sizes of openings.

Mobile solutions

Rolling mosquito net : Adapted to the size and shape of the opening, it will be vertical for windows and lateral for doors.

Electric rolling mosquito net : Electric rolling mosquito net: Ideal solution for large openings: verandah, terrace, bay windows or patio.

Swinging door – hands free mosquito net : Specially developed for frequently used entrances and doors. This type of net is very easy to handle.

Sliding mosquito net : This system is equipped with easily removable doors to meet the needs of the different seasons.

Folding and retractable mosquito net : This system frees up the passage at ground level for easy access of rolling objects such as wheelchairs, strollers and trolleys being transported by staff. Very easy to handle and retracts completely facilitating access.

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